The Making of a Mermaid Party


One of the best things about being a mermaid, is spreading our love of the water to others. Our birthday party packages put your little mermaid and her friends up close with two mermaids who happen to be certified lifeguards, swim coaches, and Red Cross swim instructors.  We have mermaid and ocean themed games that the party guests will play in two teams.  Our favorite is the water gun/shell relay game.

We will play between 6-10 games depending on the number of guests and their ages. While we supervise the swimmers, the adult guests can kick back and relax, or watch and take pictures of all the fun!

All games are geared towards kids between the ages of 5 and 10, but can be modified if your guests fall into a different age bracket. Any little mermaids that may need more confidence or assistance in the water can have their Mermaid as a partner for the games.  All guests will receive a small mermaid prize before we leave.

Our three levels of party packages offer options for your different party needs.  Let us come play in the pool for an hour, or have us for face painting and we can even take care of your goody bags.  All packages include underwater pictures of the birthday child and other guests and group shots that will be shared with you to use however you would like.

We will work with you up through the day of the party to make sure all of the details are taken care of.  Email us to save your party date for this summer/fall. We also work with indoor pool facilities and can mermaid on site at those venues.

always be a mermaid

Mermaids have more fun – especially at mermaid parties!

Contact us to plan your day under the sea!


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